Hypnotherapy Services

The following are just some of the issues I can help you with. For a more extensive list please see “How Hypnotherapy Can Help You”.


Most people who try to stop smoking or chewing tobacco on their own find it very difficult or impossible. This is because, although they consciously want to stop smoking, their unconscious mind believes that smoking is helping them and will resist or even sabotage their efforts. In hypnosis the hypnotherapist talks to the unconscious mind, enlisting its help in the process of stopping smoking (or chewing). Then stopping smoking becomes easy! The beauty of stopping smoking with hypnosis is that it removes the struggle and the feeling of deprivation. Instead you’ll have a huge sense of relief that you’ve finally become a happy, permanent non-smoker/non-chewer. I do smoking cessation as a program whose content is tailored to the individual. It includes three sessions, with an optional two-year service guarantee (this means that if you ever need more sessions after the initial three, there is no charge for those sessions).


Weight loss is often not just about food and exercise. Many other things can be involved, such as emotions, stress, relationship issues, self-love, beliefs, fears and associations. For permanent weight loss you need to change what’s going on inside, emotionally and mentally, as well as physically. You must stop beating yourself up, sabotaging yourself, judging yourself, criticizing yourself, setting yourself up for failure, punishing yourself, and focusing on fearful or discouraging thoughts. Hypnosis can help you regain control of your emotions, release old baggage, eliminate cravings, develop a new self-image, and increase motivation to create new healthy eating and exercise habits. 

In addition to regular weight loss sessions I also offer a  VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND PROCEDURE . You can use hypnosis to convince your mind that you’ve had the gastric band surgery. You can get all of the benefits of the real surgery without the pain, recovery or complications!  


A woman’s body is designed for childbirth, and the process is not supposed to hurt. The more relaxed a woman is during the birth of her baby, the more comfortable she will be, the quicker the birthing process will be, and the easier it will be to avoid medical intervention. Through HypnoBirthing classes and private sessions I teach pregnant women and their partners self-hypnosis and guided hypnosis for total relaxation and help women to release the trauma of past childbirth experiences, release the fear of childbirth, control pain and turn breech babies. 


Hypnosis is the easiest way to break habits because they are stored in the subconscious mind. This is true for all kinds of habits, such as nail biting, hair twisting, other common or unique habits. Neural pathways for the habit are disconnected and new, healthy replacement habits are created to meet the person’s needs in a positive way. 


While the addict should seek treatment from the appropriate rehab center or AA/NA/MA, etc. group, hypnotherapy can help an addict in many ways. It can help a person to be more receptive to getting that kind of help, as well as increase motivation and committment to abstinence. Hypnotherapy can relieve anxiety, change associations so that trigger situations don’t cause cravings for the substance, establish replacement behaviors, and reduce withdrawals. Any trauma that led to addictions can also be released in hypnosis.

Alcohol abuse may be a habit or an addiction. You can do individual sessions or take advantage of my Alcohol Cessation Program: 3 sessions (4 hrs.) of hypnotherapy + a hypnosis CD.


The process of hypnosis itself is very relaxing. In addition, in hypnosis we can reorient the mind to perceive stressful events differently, and even rewrite the memory of past events. A person can be desensitized to stressful situations, replacing anxious reactions with the relaxation response. Thus, hypnotherapy is very good for anxiety, panic attacks and any stressful situation such as test taking or work conflicts.  


It’s not what happens to us in life, it’s how we feel about what happens that determines our suffering. In hypnosis we are talking to that part of the mind that doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination, the same part that dreams — and you know how dreams can seem so real. Therefore, in the state of hypnosis it’s easy to re-script, reframe or otherwise manipulate any past experience so that you feel differently about it, even though you consciously know what happened. In this way, we release the negative charge of a past experience while preserving any value it may have provided. Anger, hurt, sadness, shame, humiliation, guilt, unworthiness, and fear can be released through a number of hypnotic techniques. The effects of childhood or adult trauma can be lessened or erased. Fearful reactions, such as the fear of flying, heights, dentists, success, spiders, etc. can be permanently replaced with calm relaxation. 


 Many professional sports players use hypnotherapy to help them improve their performance. Peak performance begins in the mind.You can reprogram your thinking and condition yourself for success. Training in your mind trains your body. Hypnosis can increase an athlete’s self-confidence, release mental blocks and fears that have developed around playing a sport, enhance focus, change negative self-talk and create a winner’s self-image. 


Pain is a perception that can be altered, especially when engaging the support of the subconscious. The mind can send messages to the body that pain signals aren’t needed. In addition, a lot of pain is either caused by or increased by stress, which can be reduced with hypnotherapy. 

Click here to watch people find relief from their pain using hypnotherapy.

Your very first session at Hypnosis for Health will be 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. long; most other sessions are an hour long. There is no way to know ahead of time how many sessions it will take to resolve your issue, everyone is individual. 

I am available by phone or in person for hypnotherapy sessions.

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